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Hemp T-Shirt Fabric

HEMP COTTON  JERSEY    $7.50 on Sale   $6.50 yd

 Color: Natural

Made with a 55% hemp 45% organic cotton blend 5 oz hemp jersey knit fabric. Perfect hemp fabric for making t-shirts or tops. Hemp fabric wicks your body moisture 400% more than cotton.  We sell only in bulk hemp rolls 10, 20, 50 and 100 yard rolls. No dyes or bleaches used.

Weight: 5 oz.

Width: 58"

Color: Natural



Hemp Silk  $13.95    Sale $11.90 per yd  Hemp Silk Fabric 4oz

Color: Natural

This blend of hemp and silk 60% Hemp 40% silk creates a lightweight fabric with durable properties and a silky surface. This material is great for apparel, curtains, window shades, and lamp shades. Many of our customers have used this fabric for wedding dresses. Best if made into apparel that is dry-cleaned only. Great for wedding dresses.
Warp x Weft:124 x 62, Density:20/22D x 37Nm, 

Width: 57"

Weight: 4.1 oz.

Color: Natural



Hemp Upholstery Interior Design Fabrics

Hemp Pin Wheel

 Hemp Heringbone





Hemp Canavas Rome 16 ozHemp Canvas 17 oz Natural












Our Hemp Fabric division has been developing proprietary environmental production techniques in the manufacturing of hemp cloth since 1991. Hempsteads fabrics are developed to professional standards; we take pride and credit with our quality of hemp fabrics and organic fabrics. Hemp clothing has human and environmental benefit features. Help the environment by growing industrial hemp and you will have a healthy quality living, use hemp fabric for clothing, upholstery, home design and many other products.

Hemp Fabric Studies

1. Hemp fabric is smooth, soft and durable, the most powerful humidity- absorbing and ventilating natural fiber clothing one can wear.

2. Pure hemp cloth can restrain microbes, especially the diameter to restrain bowel bacillus, which gets to 10 millimeters. Hemp fiber and its products have the advantages to anti-rot, anti -mold and anti-static. (Reference to the Report by Microbe epidemic Institute of Military Academy of Science).

3. Hemp fabric has middle-hollowed tubes in the fiber creating oxygen stock supplies no living condition to anaerobic bacteria. Hemp fiber helps stop bacteria and fungus like: Beriberi and Tineapedis.

4. Dry hemp fiber can be regarded as insulation material as it conducts no electricity.

5. The puncture resistance is 40% more than that of cotton.

6. The hemp fiber has good humidity-absorbing power and its humidity-missing ability is more pleasant to wear. Hemp textiles exposed in open air contains 12% moisture, which rises to 30% when the atmosphere humidity gets to 95%.

7. Hemp fabric protects from static electricity accumulating, discharging and gigging.

8. Hemp fabric resists UV and UVB from the suns rays, 80% more than cotton.

9. Fire resistant 100% hemp textiles resist fire, incomparably with others. When heated to 370f, they change no color.

10. Hemp fabric becomes softer than cotton over time and more comfortable.

One acre of hemp eliminates 2500 pounds of C02, no other plant is even close !

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